IT Services Hungary Kft.

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IT Services Hungary Kft.

Junior Software Tester (Budapest)


  • Ensuring error-free functioning of the tested applications
  • Analyzis of specification-documents
  • Plan, design, create functional tests, Compiles test-sets, and implement system integration tests
  • Analyzis of test automation option
  • Preparation, Conception, Design & Execution of test automation
  • Prepares proper (industry standards) documentations on the performed tests
  • Documents identified error and participates in the work to explore their reasons
  • Participates in projects including project administration duties as well
  • Participates in the pereparation of reports
  • Participates in measurements of quality and stakeholder satisfaction, in the processing of feedback, and the operation of the procedure designated to make adequate improvements based on such feedback


  • IT skills, knowledge in Windows (WIN 7 and Win 10 OS until today.)
  • German language knowledge,
  • Ability to work in an international environment
  • Team player, precision, customer focus
  • Able to deal with monothony 


  • IT degree
  • English knowledge

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