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IT Services Hungary Kft.

Facility Manager (Budapest)


  • ITSH operates in four cities, seven buildings. The FM team has team members in all cities. The main responsibilities of the person fulfilling this position are:Responsible for planning and administering all facility management activities.
  • Responsible for all FM services including budget for all locations
  • Approves changes to be made to the premises with consideration of facility management aspects
  • Liaisons with the leasing company in order to ensure adequate office space
  • Provides professional evaluation/opinions on facility related internal regulations and respective legal issues.
  • Together with Procurement, he selects sources of supply; and elaborates framework agreements with external suppliers while aiming at identifying end exploiting potential synergies and improving the application of improved industry standards on the national level.
  • With the objective to support the Company’s core business activities, this person is responsible for all facility management activities including the related planning and administration duties; in terms of several premies (geographical locations) if necessary.
  • Builds and maintains contacts with suppliers, reviews and processes claims against suppliers for unsatisfactory services, materials or equipment.
  • Supervises a team of support staff and/or external service providers.
  • Participates in or even leads national level projects in his/her field.
  • Controls upon the construction / implementation activities of suppliers (building, refurbishing, etc.)
  • Coordinates the activities of technical quality inspectors of construction projects and supervises their work.
  • Designs and operates the reporting system on facility/real estate issues serving information of the top management.
  • Consults with the respective representatives of other Company divisions to map out infrastructure requirements and to meet newly arising needs in a proactive manner.
  • People management tasks


  • 5-8 years relevant experience at a multinational environmentdaily operation of multiple buildings
  • development of new site(s)
  • creating SLA agreements
  • managing smaller team(s)
  • Project management experience
  • Intermediate English knowledge
  • Cad knowledge is an advantage
  • Stakeholder management skills
  • Ability to lead a team but also to work in teams
  • Assertive communication
  • Influencing others
  • Time management

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Budapest, Info Park